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20 and from new jersey. Electric guitars and muscle cars are my thing. If you like what you see here, than that's cool. If you don't, well that's cool too.


Bo Carter - “Please Warm My Weiner”

A Sampling of Bo Carter Song Titles


  1. Please Warm My Weiner
  2. My Pencil Don’t Write No More
  3. Pin in Your Cushion
  4. Banana in the Fruit Basket
  5. Let Me Roll Your Lemon
  6. I’m an Old Bumble Bee
  7. She’s Your Cook but She Burns My Bread
  8. Pussy Cat Blues
  9. Ram Rod Daddy
  10. Pig Meat Is What I Crave
  11. Ants in My Pants
  12. Who Broke the Latch
  13. It’s Too Wet
  14. Lock the Lock
  15. Shake ‘Em On Down
  16. Don’t Mash My Digger So Deep

Basically though he just sang about fucking and sexual angst. He is, of course, a favorite.

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Badass pic of Allen!

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The Rolling Stones, “Before They Make Me Run” (1978).

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Rockin’ Into The Night by 38 Special

This song was on the radio earlier, and this is by far my favorite song (that I’ve heard) by 38 Special. I think it was written by members of Survivor though. Either way, love it.


Song of the Day: Hold on Loosely by 38 Special


my 38 special ctg, really excited to shoot it


Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
38 Special


38 Special - Wild Eyed Southern Boys

Let’s raise a little rock -n - roll hell tonight! 

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