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20 and from new jersey. Electric guitars and muscle cars are my thing. If you like what you see here, than that's cool. If you don't, well that's cool too.


Addicted to all things Auto!

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"On December 9, 1967 in New Haven, Connecticut.  Jim Morrison was booked on charges of indecency, public obscenity, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. This arrest was portrayed in Oliver Stone’s The Doors movie. Jim had met a girl in his dressing room and wanted a bit more privacy so he went into a shower stall with her. A police officer spotted them in the bathroom and told them they had to leave. Jim told the officer he was in the band and told him to go away. The cop got pushy with Jim, Jim tried to push him away and then the cop maced him. The police wanted to arrest Jim on the spot but were afraid it would incite a riot if the concert was cancelled. During the last song, “Backdoor Man”, Jim told a story about what happened backstage. The cops shut the music down and came directly onstage to arrest him.”

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Must have been Mopar day. Spotted this Dodge Charger in the parking lot after lunch. I’m not astute enough on the 71-72 B-Bodies to be completely sure but I’m guessing this is a 1972 judging by the bumperettes. Notice the hideaway headlights, power bulge hood, the 340 Magnum badges, and the rear spoiler. Definitely not a show car but a cool driver. 

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R.I.P Rick Wright (28 July 1943 – 15 September 2008)

And no one showed us to the land
And no one knows the where’s or why’s
But something stirs and something tries
And starts to climb towards the light

great song


Wanna fuk?


Hendrix / Lennon 

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this would be perfect. i live for porches like this and fields aplenty.

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Scream for me Princess….let me know it hurts so good

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